Kyle's 13th Age  2015

13th Age adventure


started December 2015

13th Age adventure

  • DM Kyle


Characters found in 13th Age

  • Kylar is a aasimar bard played by Manny
  • Charlotte is a tree sorcerer played by Tim
  • Baidrell is a half-elf ranger-wizard played by Dav
  • Aaron is a elf rogue played by Matt
  • Krisiries is an aasimar commander played by Kenny



Additional characters


Character Backgrounds






World notes



Adventure 0: Hook 

Adventure 1: 


The group visits a city and immediately are involved with combatting zombies.  The group is rewarded and make their way to investigate the causes.  The group explores the city asking if anyone knows the sorcerers who may be responsible.


Adventure 2: 

The group ventures into some crypts to get ambushed by a bunch of skeletons.


Adventure 3:

The group enters an old theatre and fights orcs, a halfling and many thespians.  One thespian escapes.


Adventure 4:

Below the theatre the group fights some dragons and two more enemies one disquised as a lamplighter.  The group returns to the high priestess with news and then contacts the town guard.  The group then consults the druid and leads them to the seedy docks.  The group is looking for a slave trader.  Kris and Kylar disquise as slaves while the rest attempt to sell them.  The group starts a fight at a ship.


Adventure 5:

The group fought their way through the boat and after killing multiple drunk dwarves found Jugs.  The group worked with Jugs to find his boss who was very afraid of the party so brought the party to a warehouse.  The group kicked in the door and then had to fight a demon.  The group barely defeated the demon who turned out to be more powerful than the anything the group had encountered before.


Adventure 6:

The group investigated the warehouse and eventually found a secret passage leading down. The group went downstairs and found some sort of sacraficial room. The group was ambushed by a bunch of cultists who came down the stairs behind them. The group defeated them then performed a ritural that managed to open a huge door with a demon behind it. Instead of fighting the demon they offered the bodies of the cultists and left. Kylar stole a book from the demons room. The group went to find help and rested for the night. The next day they planned on returning to the demon's lair to defeat it.

Adventure 7
The group returns to the demons lair and fights a cultist along with the demon.  The group manages to defeat the demon easily, but the cultist takes a little more time.  The group then reconvenese with the town guard who are going to assault the lamplighters guild.  The group goes in with the guards and helps defeat many evil lamplighters.

Adventure 8
The group returns to the chamber below the lamplighters guild to find a bunch of zombies. After plowing through the zombies the group finds 2 bad mages and a 3rd mage with a flesh golem. The group defeats all of them and returns to the surface for a reward.