Campaign 2001

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  • The characters will become knowledgeable about "Time Holes".  These Time Holes will lead the characters to certain destinations in Space-Time that will be critical to certain turning points in the multi-verse where Order triumphed over Chaos.  This is where the characters will come in.  To reverse things...
  • The groups main quest is quite simple - Increase Chaos in the Multi-Verse
  • Minor objectives will be determined at each juncture of the quest through the Mega-verse

Adventure #10

The group finds themselves on the side of a cross road.  Magma notices three roads converging near a spot where a river runs into the ground.  Magma decides to investigate and sees no easy way down the sink hole.  A conveniently placed map is ripped down by Tagin to use as a reference.

The group decide to follow the river upstream.  After many hours of travel, some members of the group start to get ill.  Coughing and vomiting are just a few of the symptoms.  Tagin and Selene manage to break out in hives and other puss filled boils.  Selene tries to mentally heal herself and Tagin, but fails.  As the group moves further east, they start to see many dead carcasses and experience a sever stench.   They finally start walking through a disgusting marsh of diseased vegetation and wild life.

The group realizes that they may be in a dangerous area, and soon start heading north. Marshmallow Man runs ahead and finds a river.  After some more searching along the river bank, they find a bridge.   Zyel, Magma, Selene and Draken simply fly across.  Ugul just runs across the bridge.  When Tagin tries the bridge collapses and he falls in the river. Draken swoops down to rescue Tagin from the rivers current.   Harold is then taken across by Draken Draken gets tired and can't fly with Marshmallow Man and Marshmallow Man ends up in the river. Zyel flies out over Marshmallow Man and throws him some rope that Harold had.  The group pull to Marshmallow Man shore.

Draken starts to get weak and comes down with symptoms similar to that of Tagin and Selene.  The group starts to worry about the areas they have ventured through.  They decide to head north and meet a band of men on horses.  The men are nice enough, but warn the group not to roam too much further north.  They tell about the Magma plague, but are specifically quite vague about its origin and mention no known cure.

The group hears of the kingdom of Orimor, south of their location and decide to head for it.  On the way, the group meets a weary ape-like being who simply doesn't want the group to infect his clan.  

The group meets two men on the road south and the men run off after realizing that some of the party is infected with disease.

The group heads further south to find another bridge and a radiation zone surrounding it. Magma and Marshmallow Man are taken ill and Harold is affected by the radiation too.  After crossing the bridge Marshmallow Man runs ahead once again and encounters a strip of land covered with motion activated spikes. Marshmallow Man accidentally stepped on one.

Marshmallow Man soon encounters a few men who were in the surrounding area.  Marshmallow Man isn't much on diplomacy, and immediately starts killing them left and right.  The rest of the group try desperately to keep up with Marshmallow Man.  After a few men die, Magma decides to cast an illusion in front of Marshmallow Man to slow him down.  The illusion only causes Marshmallow Man to get hit by some incoming rockets that were being launched from a distant hill top.  As Marshmallow Man nears the desert area, he notices that there are hundreds of armored men hiding in the dunes. Marshmallow Man decides to run east instead of due south.  

The rest of the group aren't so lucky and are greeted by a group of 16 men who come from the dunes.  After a bit of discussion, the group also heads east to avoid a conflict.  Magma and many others take translux and Zyel goes invisible.

The group takes an alternate route and heads south to find another bridge.  Once at the bridge, they notice a grove of trees with men hiding within.  One well armored man approaches the invisible group and asks queries them as to their destination.  Magma talks to the military officer, Ria, who allows them to pass.  After some discussion between Magma and Selene, Magma convinces the sick to remain near the bridge.  Selene mind blasts Magma out of spite from being slapped.

Once at the city of Rask, Marshmallow Man, and Magma are taken to the clinic and Harold goes taken to an electronics specialist for repairs.  The technician has never before seen a hard-light hologram, but tries to repair him anyway.

Draken, Tagin and Selene are met by the Ria after becoming visible and he offers them wood, blankets, and food.  Ria is quite compasionate for a military officer.  Ria asks them if they have the disease but Selene tries to tell him they have Fairypox, Dragonpox, and Swordsmenpox.

Tagin and Selene are healed by Selene when she tries her mental healing again. Selene could not heal Draken, so he decides to fly east to kingdom of Anish to find the sick camps.  Ria checks Tagin and Selene, and determines that they are indeed cured of the disease, and therefore lets them go south to the city of Rask.

After a few days Tagin and Selene join the group in the city.

While shopping in the bizarre, a messenger finds Tagin and Selene and mentions a group of well armored men await the group at the city gate.  Ugul pays for some cool weapons for Harold and Marshmallow Man with his dehydrated-gold winnings from playing Zonk at Rick's Casino.

The group heads to the gate and they immediately recognize the symbols on Shar's armor.  Shar was the woman left tied to a bunk in the city of Repose.  Her group of mercenaries were brutally slain by our heroes.

Adventure #10 part 2

Draken dies a horrible vile death in Anish as he is exposed to more and more diseases.  Before he dies he realizes that the diseases are a combination of some of the worst plagues in the mega-verse and dimensional travelers visiting the world have brought diseases here for centuries and the diseases have mutated to form what is known as the "Disease of the 12 kingdoms."

Meanwhile, the group decide to meet Shar and her mercs.  The four  mercs inform the group that they must accompany them to the world of the Order Lords.  

Magma tries to talk to the mercs but soon fails to negotiate.  Harold annoys Magma and is soon told to "Switch Off!"  Surprisingly, the group decides to fight instead the mercs instead.

The group succeeds in seriously wounding many of the mercs, but they mysteriously disappear after falling unconscious.  The group searches around but find no cause.

After many shots are exchanged, a massive 6 meter demon appears at the gates of the City.   The wounded Shar attempts to use her jet pack and flee the scene, but is wounded and falls right on the city wall.  Shortly after, she too vanishes.

Tagin was chasing one of the mercs who fled out of the city walls and the demon appeared between the merc and TaginTagin takes many swings at the demon, but the cuts cause exteremly hot blood and ooze to fall onto Tagin.  Tagin is wounded quite severely and falls unconscious.

Magma is hit with the demons wrath of a fire ball and falls to the ground burning in agony.   Zyel tries to rescue Magma from the flames but fails and proceeds to fight the demon.  Harold successfully drags Magma out of the fire.  

Marshmallow Man amazingly slips by the demon and attempts to find the escaping merc who left the city.  He finds him shortly and makes quick work of him with his mini-rocket launcher and his maser pistol.  This merc doesn't get a chance to be teleport-rescued.

Ugul tosses a dehydrated million gold piece into the demons mouth with little effect.

By the time Marshmallow Man returns, the demon has teleported deeper into the city and has started burning a large portion near the front gates. 

Selene tries to uncover the location of the wizard who must be around casting ligature spells at members of the group.  Harold is temporarily disabled, Ugul, and even Tagin are entangled by webbings. Zyel tries to cut his group free when he can.  In the process one of his dual blades break.

Harold tries to telekinetically move a fire extinguisher toward the demon as Selene distracts it.    Harold works the extinguisher close, but it fails and jams.

Zyel tries to heal Tagin but Tagin soon takes even more damage from a grenade which falls from above.  Tagin dies shortly after from fatal wounds.

Adventure #10 part 3

Marshmallow Man returns and with the aid of the rest of the group finally defeats the demon.  The dying demon explodes causing even more fires in the town.  Magma is rescued from a burning building by Harold

The group asks for help for Tagin, but the towns people can only recommend that the group bring him quickly to another city across the kingdom.

The group quickly make a way to carry Tagin, and proceed with a guide to the other city.

On the way, the group encounter four mercs again.  Amazingly enough, the group refuses to fight and the mercs just accompany them to the borders of the next city.

While approaching the city perimeter, five guards challenge the group.  Harold calls out to them and informs them that some of the group is contaminated with the disease.  Before he can explain who exactly is ill, the guards open fire.

This moment allows the group to attack the mercs.  Magma immediately attacks Shar while the others take out Gul.  Ugul clubs one merc twice from behind with the Grav-mace.  The only merc not wearing armor teleports away.  After Marshmallow Man finishes off Gul, he turns to the merc Ugul clubbed.  Marshmallow Man starts firing at the merc, and some grenades explode.

After a few more hits to Shar, she tries to escape, but is gunned down by the group.  The group isn't quick enough and she is teleport-rescued. 

Harold convinces the guards that the group has just killed the infected party.  The guards run a scan over everyone and find that Harold was indeed telling the truth.

The group approach a temple and ask for the powers their to resurrect Tagin.  The group sadly pays to have the ritual performed with Ugul's Zonk winnings.  The high priests ask for 15 million gold pieces.  Ugul parts with 15 dehydrated gold pieces on the condition that a temple be erected in his name.  The priest immediately start the ceremony and revive Tagin.  

The group hangs around for a few days to see the beginning construction of a giant gold temple named Ugul.  The group also gives the priests a wand of cure so that they may help heal the sick of this world.

  • Incase you are wondering...Draken lives a sickly, horrible, disgusting life in Anish as he is exposed to more and more diseases.  Before he dies he realizes that the diseases are a combination of some of the worst plagues in the mega-verse and dimensional travelers visiting the world have brought diseases here for centuries and the diseases have mutated to form what is known as the "12 Kingdoms Disease."  The diseases eat away his wings and his ability to change back to human form.   The diseases finally waste away his mind and cause him to go irreversibly insane.

The Final Chapter

A Riathenor appears near the temple and calls for the group.  The group safely hops through the portal created by the Riathenor who originally assembled the group.  The Riathenor gives Tagin, Selene, and Ugul the option to remain on the world of the 12 kingdoms.   All three decide to follow.  

Once on the Riathenor Tangent Traveling Craft, the group is told that they have done a terrific job of causing Chaos throughout the mega-verse.  They have even caused future chaos to break out in the 12 kingdoms by helping the priests construct a golden temple and giving them the wand of cure.  Many thousands of diseased denizens will make a pilgrimage to the temple and over power the priests looking for cures.  This will of course cause even more people to become infected. 

They are given free reign of the ship and encouraged to return to their homes.  Most of the group hang around and have a few drinks and celebrate.

Until a future calling....

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