Scales of War


David's campaign restarted in Janauary 2015

D&D 4th edition adventure

Characters of Scales of War

  • DM
    • David
  • Party members
    • Kavilion is an elf ranger played by Manny
    • Fulgar is a dwarf slayer played by Corbin
    • Thalia is a plant bard played by Kenny
    • Maxx is a were-wolf swordmage played by Dav
    • Karrion is a tiefling warlock played by Eddy
    • Thamin is a goliath warden played by Kyle
    • Perrin is a human warlord played by Tim
    • Delain is a human ranger played by David
    • Lorean is a eladrin wizard played by Nate

Adventure Intro:

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