Harried in Hillsfar 2015

D&D 5 Harried in Hillsfar adventure


started November 2015

D&D 5th edition adventure

  • DM Manny


Characters found in Hillsfar #1

  • Ozrakir is a Tiefling sage/warlock played by Tim
  • is a barbarian played by Mathew
  • is a wizard played by Kyle
  • is a ranger played by Dav
  • is a played by Kenny


Characters found in Hillsfar #2

  •  is an dark elf wizard played by Logan
  • is a human rogue played by Corbin
  • is an elf wizard played by Nate
  • is a dragonborn wizard played by Nick
  • is a human fighter played by Noah
  • is a elf fighter played by Dawson



Additional characters


Character Backgrounds






World notes

In the village of Elventree, near the oppressive city of Hillsfar, a recent string of strange occurrences has the locals on edge. The factions have gathered here on the borders of the forest of Cormanthor to determine what’s happening. Is this the machinations of Hillsfar, or something more?


Adventure 0: Hook 

Rumors of strange occurrences brought you to the Hillsfar region. The vague and bizarre rumors ranged from leprechauns showering travelers with gold to undead armies terrorizing the many farmsteads.
The one rumor that turned out to be true was perhaps the wildest of all. All the non-human citizens within the walls of the city-state of Hillsfar were evicted. The only non-humans left in the city are the slaves who fight at the Arena. Fights to the death. Anyone not obviously human is turned away at the Hillsfar Gate, the only way into and out of the walled city.
You travel north on the Moonsea Ride, the often-used merchant road south of Hillsfar, which also navigates through expansive Cormanthor Forest. Others [the other characters] travel with or near you.
A muffled shout bursts from a copse of trees off the road, and an old human man wearing torn and bloody clothes staggers into view. The blood on his clothes comes from small cuts and scratches rather than any large wound. His charge toward you is slow, ponderous, and shaky. Before you can even draw weapons or ready spells, he collapses in the grass. He still shouts, however, although the words grow fainter and fainter with each passing moment.

There is a message from this land's new master, but it is hidden five-fold.

The first is at the place where dandelions rise above and cover the people. The virile and the virulent can be one and the same. The hell-tinged one is lost, and then several are found.

The second runs red with the blood of roots, where an heiress lies and hides her pain in long wooden boxes. She hides more than that though, but only to keep what is hers.

The third is at the spring of blessed life, where the haunters protect and the protectors haunt. The water runs on, of course, and must be freed for all.

The fourth holds the great thundering beasts, but the beasts are gone, to give way to a greater thundering beast with death in its eyes. They await at a place of ancient elven evil.

The fifth lies where the ancients lie beneath night's marble, forgotten but not gone. The lost wealth of a forgotten time pays terrible dividends now.

Adventure 1: 

Group one managed to save the boy, kill the goats, save the beat farm but lost a character to the Duergar.  The group rescued Dottie.

Group two managed to save the boy, killed all the goats, saved the beat farm and also lost a wizard to the Duergar.  The group fought Zook and rescued Dottie but didnt realize they were in the presence of jackaware.


Adventure 2: 

Group one allowed the Goristro to be summoned. 

Group two defeated the demons before the Goristro could be summoned.

Group one and group two manged to defeat the cultists and the shadows.