Lost Mines of Phandelver 2015

D&D 5 Lost Mines of Phandelver campaign


started August 2015

D&D 5th edition adventure

  • DM Tim


Characters found in Neverwinter

  • Vani Tealeaf is a halfling bard entertainer played by Kenny
  • Shateiel is a human cleric noble played by Manny
  • TClark(sp?) is a half-orc ranger played by Dav
  • Kildrak is a dwarf paladin acolyte played by Matthew
  • Thorn is an elf rogue played by Eddie
  • Gikk a half-elf druid played by Kyle
  • Merrick Tealeaf is a halfling rogue played by David H.


Additional characters

  • Tuan-Chi is a human monk played by Kyle (deceased)
  • Immiron is an elf wizards played by Kyle (missing)
  • Averall is a human wizard played by Kyle (deceased)

Character Backgrounds


Shateiel is a cleric that believes all life is sacred and mercy shall be shown to all life.

Shateiel is a Human.  Shateiel grew up in a large town of Neverwinter which served as regional and provincial centers for its many inhabitants.
Shateiel feels at home in mostly flat and often cultivated by nearby settlements. Shateiel grew up with cold winters, but warm summers.
Shateiel was curious about religion and life. Shateiel has been accepted for training by an order of clerics. Shateiel studied religious texts and life philosophy.  He holds not one god above others and respects those that value life.
Shateiel had an earthshaking brush with greatness, an epiphany about life being important above all else. Shateiel cared for a recovering family member. Shateiel's home community is faced with a prophecy that was announced Shateiel himself had strange dreams.
Shateiel's family owns a dwelling and owns other property. Family income significantly exceeds basic needs. The male members control Shateiel's family. Combat is a regular part of the lives of Shateiel's family. Most adult members are veterans of some combat, and martial weapons and training are commonplace. Shateiel's family is known for involvement in the community and acting to help others. Regardless of Shateiel's family’s actual ethics, public opinion is so ingrained about his family that it’s essentially unchangeable. Public opinion is accurate in this commitment from the public. Shateiel's family supports the current political structure and rulers. Shateiel's family is deeply committed to a patron deity of civilization. Shateiel's family is known to produce upstanding individuals but has an occasional bad apple. Shateiel's family is at the very pinnacle of social standing in the community. Shateiel's ancestor held a high position in the current political system.
Both of Shateiel's parents are alive and healthy. Shateiel has 3 older siblings and 2 younger siblings. Shateiel's one grandparent is living. Shateiel has 17 living relatives. Shateiel has several friends who are companions and associates but who aren’t intimately close. The person who taught Shateiel the most has now been surpassed by his student Shateiel. One or more local villains have chosen to direct their hatred toward Shateiel, perhaps because of some minor adventure Shateiel completed.





World notes

The world is populated with monsters and horrors surrounding Neverwinter but the central town is Phandalin.

Adventure 1:  Delivery group

The group meets a contact who hires them to escort a cart to Phandalin town.  On the way they see some dead horses on the road and are ambushed by goblins.  The bard is dropped quickly and the half-orc follows shortly after that.  Shateiel manages to heal the bard and ranger and the monk cleans up the goblin mess. Shateiel insists that the group doesn't kill and so they manage to capture 5 of the six goblins.  Sadly, one was hit too hard and didn't survive.  The goblins tell the group of a Cragmar hideout and that the goblins had captured the dwarf the group was supposed to meet in Phandalin. 

The group ties the goblins together and proceed to north to the goblin hideout.  The group moves through the marshes as best they can and eventually abandon the wagon to proceed on foot.  The group finds a cave entrance and are once again ambushed.  Two of the 3 goblins are captured and restrained with the others.

The group ventures into the cave and find some wolves and the half-orc shoots a suspicious goblin with an arrow, the goblin doesn't make it. 

The goblins are amused that they aren't killed and are being returned to their home. 

After a struggle to tear down a rickety bridge the group climbs up the bridge as a ladder and find a cavern with some more goblins.


Adventure 2:  Tuan-Chi's Death

The group ventures into the goblin eating room and find six goblins.  The goblins shoot arrows at the party and the party retaliates swiftly.  Tuan-Chi takes out two goblins but shortly finds himself surrounded.  A goblin leader of sorts comes out with a hostage that the group recognizes might be the human that they were supposed to meet in Phandalin.  The group doesn't negotiate and the guy is tossed to the ground from a ledge. A goblin slices Tuan-Chi open and the monk slumps to the cavern floor guts hanging out. The group defeats the goblin leader and then the 3 remaining goblins surrender to Vani's powerful shout that shakes the cavern. 

Shateiel rushes to the monk but can't save him.  Shateiel does heal the fallen captive and also discovers a wizard bound in another chamber.  The wizard is Immiron and he offers to help the group.  In the meantime some of the goblins manage to slip free from the unattended ropes and start to flee.  The half-orc isn't amused and chases them down.  He snipes one, one returns in fear, and the 3rd escaped into the darkness.

The group gathers up the remaining goblin captives and heads back to the small creek in the cavern but while heading to the exit some goblins break a damn holding back a deluge of water.  The water rushes forth and pushes most of the party out of the cavern killing many of the goblin captives.  The group returns to the cavern and finds 2 goblins, the paladin fights them first and quickly eliminates one but then finds more goblins, a wolf, and a bugbear most likely Clarg. 

The group fights on and Immiron puts 2 goblins to sleep.  The bugbear is hit with a deadly strike from the half-orc ranger and the dog is eliminated by the paladin.  The bugbear is hit with magic missiles and then flees into another rear chamber.  The half-orc pursues but can't find the bugbear.

Meanwhile, the cleric with the freed prisoner and remaining goblins build a cairn to bury the monk.  Shateiel glances at the bugbear as he exits the cave and runs into the forest.  Shateiel tries to pursue but loses the bugbear quickly in the dense growth.  A few moments later the ranger appears searching for the bugbear but the trail runs cold. 

The group finds a stash of supplies and has the goblins carry some crates back to the cart.  Not wanting to kill the goblins, Shateiel insists that the group release the goblin captives.  The group releases the six goblin captives but Immiron shocks one to death. 

The group heads back to the trail to continue on to Phandalin.  The half-orc thought it best to head to Cragmaw Castle to rescue the missing dwarf, but the group decided it would be better to rest in Phandalin before going on another adventure.


A day later the group arrives at Phandalin and gets paid for delivering the goods and also gets paid for returning some of the goods to the Blue Lion Shield Coster. 

That evening the group finds the elf priestess of luck and discusses working to find some magic book from a banshee.  She offers the group some healing potions.

That night the group helps Vani put on a show in the local tavern.  Vani does such a great job that it pays for the party meal and lodging.  Shateiel buys extra drinks for the party who deserves a rest.  The group rests for the night expecting to purchase some healing kits in the morning.


Adventure 3:  TriBoar road and the Banshee

The group wakes to start the day trying to find something worthy of their skill.  Immiron seems to have disappeared and a human mage wakes in his place.  Averall says he was the same person the party rescued, but Shateiel is unsure.... he could have sworn the rescued guy was an elf.

The group goes to the town hall to find a job about stopping Orcs from attacking the Triboar trade route... the orcs are by some Wyvern corner.  The group asks around town for Cragmaw Castle but noone seems to know anything about it.  Finally, the group goes to Gaele who tells them more about a Banshee north of Conyberry that knows the whereabouts of some magic book.  The group decides to hit the Triboar trail and find out what they can.  An elf rogue named Thorn joins the group looking for adventure.

A few days down the road they avoid some goblins and proceed to Conyberry.

North of Conyberry, the group finds a trail that leads to a hut.  The group enters the hut and finds it abandoned then a banshee appears.  After a bit of negotiation and the offering of a silvered comb, the banshee imparts some information about the magic book.  Shateiel is happy not to get into a fight in such close quarters.

The group returns to Conyberry and in the middle of the night they are annoyed by some pesky Stirge.  Surprisingly not many were hurt from the swarm.  The next day is spent travelling back to the junction to Phandalin.  On the route to Phandalin the group comes across some hobgoblins on the road.  At first Shateiel, Vani, and Kildrak agree to a peaceful discussion, but Averall conjurs an image of a giant which scares some hobgoblins but the others shoot at it.  The group starts fighting and Clarg takes out many of the hobgoblins from range.  Clarg even runs after the two fleeing and shoots them in the back.  Shateiel prays over the bodies and someone finds a wanted poster with a resemblence of Clarg and reward of 25 gp. 




Adventure 4:  Assault on Cragmaw Castle

The group continued down the road and headed into the forest.  The ranger tracked and eventually the owl found some ruins of a castle.  The group ranger and rogue scouted around but didn't see any signs of activity; this inspired the group to just approach the castle.  The doors were busted down and the group had to contend with some goblins shooting from arrow slits under crumbled towers.  Averall cast an illusion that the slits were boarded up and it gave the group enough time to get inside the main doors.  Once inside the group had to deal with dozens of goblins coming from multiple directions.  It was an easy battle until a few hobgoblins joined the fray.  The Ranger almost went down but Vani and Shateiel kept the party fighting.  The group managed to capture two hobgoblins and a goblin.  Eventually, the party managed to find a room to board up and rest.  The rest was short lived and the doors came crashing down with hobgoblins in tow.  The group was trapped and feared for their lives.


Adventure 5:  Rescue at Cragmaw Castle

The party was consolidated in the room they had barred themselves in.  A bugbear, drow, hobgoblin and wolf entered the busted in doorway.  The party struggled because they were out of position.  The wizard went down first after being smacked by the drow.  The bugbear knocked Vani over next.  Shateiel moved to continue healing but placed himself in danger next to Kildrak.  Thorn and the half-orc were safest as they shot across thte dining room. 

Something happen and the tide of battle changed, the wizard lay still, but Shateiel managed to wake Vani and she cut the Bugbear well.  The group continued to fight to victory and managed to capture the Bugbear, the wolf, and a doppleganger, not a drow at all.  The hobgoblin fled the castle.


The group proceeded through many empty rooms in the castle ruins and came upon an alter where they were ambushed by a grick and some goblins.  The group fought through and defeated them capturing one goblin who they put in the make shift cell along with all the other captives.  The group found Meric the captive halfling cousin to Vani.  He joined the party.


Soon after the group found an owlbear and the half-orc managed to handle it enough to set it free of the castle.  Unbeknownst to Shateiel the owlbear broke into the make shift prison and ate the parties captives before it fled the castle.


The group eventually stumbled upon the dwarf they were seeking, healed him and exited the castle.  A day later they returned to Phandalin.


In Phandalin they told the elf priestess what they had found out from the Banshee.


The group was going to find some lost mine with the dwarf they had rescued. 


Adventure 6:  Below the Manor

After talking with Vani's relatives the group decided to go explore a small cave the halfling boy mentioned.  The group went throught he woods nearby and descended into a hole which led to a cavern.  In the cavern the group encountered a Nothic.  The group decided to feed it after a weird conversation and went into the woods to find food.  The half-orc bagged a small doe and the group fed the Nothic.  The group was allowed to explore further wtihout interuption. 

The group found a room full of bugbears and quickly subdued them.  The group moved on and defeated a room full of Red Brands.  The group continued exploring and found a wizard study and wizard's bed room.  The group explored and returned to the Nothic which attacked Shateiel.  The group ganged up on it and subdued it as well.

The group moved around the caverns and came upon a passage leading to an old Manor on a bluff.  The group continued searching and fought more Red Brands and eventually found a family held captive.  The group set the two ladies and boy free without asking why they were captured.

The group spoke with the family and found that the Red Brands were the law enforcement of sorts in Phandalin. 

The group mentioned exploring further the Manor.

Adventure 7:  Hunting the Glass Staff

The group returned to Phandalin with the freed slaves.  The group mentioned a cave under the manor with some captive Red Brands. 

 The group found out that a wizard who might be glass staff just headed north to Cragmar Castle.  The group with the wizard Avendell accompanying them, got some horses and attempted to chase Glass Staff down.  The group could not get control of the horses to make efficient progress to catch the wizard, but eventually found themselves at the Castle just before dark.

The group entered the castle to find it was lit with candles and torches.  The group wasnt too stealthy and were semi-ambushed.  The group fought the Red Brands and Tclarg eventually just cut the wizard Glass Staff deeply so that he surrendered.  The group rest for the night and took the remaining Red Brands and Glass Staff back to Phandelin to be turned over to the town mayor.  Avendell took the glass staff from the defeated wizard.

The group was then enticed into going to the Mine of Phandelver.  In the mine they found a dead dwarf and a collapsed passage that lead to some stirge swarm.  The group then wandered further and encountered a few rooms which was filled with bones that animated when they entered.  The group fought the skeletons as Shateiel pushed some to flee.  The group defeated the skeletons with some effort.

Adventure 8:  Mine of Phandelver and Death of Avenall

The group continues further into the mine and encounteres two ghouls. The group quickly eliminates the threats.  The group explores and Thorn is attacked by Ochre Jelly, the group eliminates the threat quite handily.

The group follows some passages and find a room with four bugbears.  The group beats them down and captures one.  The group finds that there are many undead in the mines and the bugbear works for some spider drow.

The group enters a barracaded door and find a room full of zombies and a flameskull.  The group moves about attacking the flameskull but eventually the group gets clumped up and the flameskull unleashes a fireball that kills Avenall and burns Tclarg and Thorn.  The group finally defeats the flameskull with Shareiel's sacred flame.  The group tries to rest in the cleaner rooms they found the bugbears.

Adventure 9:  Mine of Phandelver

The group ventured into the mine further and met a druid who could change into a bear, an eagle, and a spider.  The druid helped the group defeate a few more monsters and clear out some undead.  The group discovered the cause of the crashing noise.  The group finally stumbuled upon a drow and 2 bugbears after chasing a wounded drow to the area.


Adventure 10:  Defeating Black Spider

The group tried to negotiate with Black Spider but soon a combat ensued.  Giant spiders descended from the ceiling and caught many of the party off guard.  Black Spider trapped most of the party in webs.  The group fought and eventually defeated the Bugebears and the Spiders.  Black spider was a little more elusive and turned invisible but the group managed to find him.  The group captured Black Spider and a Bugbear and proceeded to search for the dwarf.  They found the dwarf in a nearby locked chamber and freed him.  The group searched more of the areas they had skipped and found a Spectator Blinky.  Blinky was guarding the spell forge.  The group enchanted some weapons and left Blinky in peace.  The group then came upon a Wraith who was not too happy with Blinky and tried to bribe the party to kill Blinky.  The group preferred to kill the wraith.



Adventure 11:  Aquiring the Mine of Phandelver and more...

The group spent time deciding to kill the wraith and entered and took out the wraith and Shateiel turned his ghoul minions.  The group decided to turn the mine over to the dwarves without killing Blinky.  They took Black Spider and the bugbear to town with them to turn over to the authorities.  The group wanted to move on to the Orc problem.  When they got to town the dwarf didnt want to pay the full price as offered because Blinky was still alive in the spell forge.  The group freed the Drow and Bugbear and told them they could have the mine.

The group headed out days later to find the Orcs.  The group stopped back in the mine but couldnt find Black Spider.  The group was attacked by Stirge again.  The group also had to fight some ghouls that night.

The group continued to the Orc den and stumbled upon their cave.  The group took out many orcs and had to fight an Ogre.  The group captured the Ogre and one orc.  The group brought them back to town then freed the Ogre and Orc to watch the mine.  The group collected the bounty on 5 orcs.

The group then journeyed to some ruined town far north.  The town had warning signs about monster plants and zombies.  The group was seeking the amulet of one of the women they rescued.  The group searched and fought many twig blights.  The group found a building with a druid who knew Gikk.  The group then found a building with a green dragon in it and the dragon attacked and almost killed Kildrak and Shateiel.  Shateiel told the dragon about the mine and the dragon proceeded to fly off, but Thorn shot the dragon.  The dragon beat Thorn down then flew away again.  Shateiel had to go heal Thorn.  The group found the amulet and proceeded back to Phandelin.