Our group has played Heroscape.  Many of us like it?

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Game Players Outcome
  Ian and Manny vs. Ryan and David Strategic summoning defeated Manny and Ian
  Free for all... Ryan, Manny, David, Mark, and Ian Manny is victorious after having faced the wrath of the dragon
  Free for all, Gamble, Chris, David Mac, and Manny Manny is victorious after defeating the army men, the dino, and the robotic death machine
  Free for all with Gamble, Chris, David Mac, Manny Ryan, Matt, and Jeremy Jeremy barely eeks out a win by points having killed the hulk helped.... alot. 

Matt's team wins last man standing after having about 4 army cards left when everyone else had none.  Matt left early so Ryan and I took over.

4 vs. 3 Ryan, Mike, Mandy, and Ian vs. Manny, David and Mark The 3 person team won, even after such silliness like: 
Summoning the Archer across the baord to be destroyed, but he was luckily summoned back by his comrades. 

Mike's Ne Gok taking control of David's most powerful warrior

My teams really helped us win with the Marrow Brothers, Krav Magra, and Vikings.  I only lost 1 Viking and 1 Krav Magra.  The Marrow brothers had height advantage over most figures and my 2 Krav Magra agents held the 2 +1 to attack artifacts.  One of my vikings held the +8 initiative the entire game.

The opponents held a +1 defense and a +2 defense part of the game.  Even with this, one of my Marrow brothers managed to kill Agent Carr with one 5 dice attack.